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Pixel 2 Real Audio Review: Let’s talk about headphone dongles… | Pocketnow

Pixel 2 skins: Google Pixel 2 Real Audio Review! Apparently there was some confusion in our Pixel 2 first impressions video, when we talked about the improvements to Google’s headphone dongle. Let’s clear that up, and share our benchmarks for audio quality. Is the Pixel 2 a worthy audio companion? Read more: Lee más en […]

Should You Buy iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 – Long Term Review

Should you buy iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 Long Term Review – This video is designed to help you learn what it is like to use the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 over the long term. The ultimate intentions is to help you break this difficult decision down for you. This is a […]

Redmi 5a ke 2 tricks