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Pixel 2 Real Audio Review: Let’s talk about headphone dongles… | Pocketnow

Pixel 2 skins: Google Pixel 2 Real Audio Review! Apparently there was some confusion in our Pixel 2 first impressions video, when we talked about the improvements to Google’s headphone dongle. Let’s clear that up, and share our benchmarks for audio quality. Is the Pixel 2 a worthy audio companion? Read more: Lee más en […]

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Review | English

Redmi 3 is Xiaomi’s best hope to reclaim as many users as possible at the beginning of this year. We’ll find out what makes this phone really worth considering among other smartphones in its price group! Shot At: Journal Coffee, Jakarta Full Specification Product by GSMArena : Special Thanks: Mega Zhang Povy Music: Ryan Little […]