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Google PIXEL 4: Massive Leak Reveals All

Read more: Read more: The new Google Pixel 4 series has just leaked out in real-life images that confirm that the phone will have a brand new camera and a real radar that will enable a gesture interface with unparalleled accuracy. ——– πŸ’™ Subscribe πŸ’™ πŸ“° Read πŸ“° Follow…

iPhone X (2018) – MASSIVE PANEL LEAK

WELCOME TO THE CHANNEL! Follow me on IGTV and Instagram: This channel (previously known as: Video Conspiracy) will review many different types of tech including smartphones, smartwatches and more! Many comparison reviews which I will talk about in specs, design and overall user experience. There will also be lots of concept smartphone talk and provide […]


I have had 3 of these Google Pixel 3a phones in 2 weeks. The fact a brand new phone can be doing this is unbelievable and just pathetic. Three, not one, not two, but three black 64GB Pixel 3a phones in two weeks, I have never had to return any phone I have ever bought […]