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Camera shootout: iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 vs. Note 8

Smartphones have great cameras these days, but we wanted to know which one has the best. So we took five smartphones released this year — the iPhone X, the Pixel 2 XL, the Galaxy Note 8, the HTC U11, and the LG V30 — and pitted them against each other in a variety of real-world […]

Samsung Galaxy S8[Bengali Version]-Ae Phone Ta Ki Apnar Jonno?

Apni ki akhono apnar phone er jonno opekkha korchen? Samsung Galaxy S8 kintu ektu darun smartphone. S8 er infinity display amader Amader english review er jonno nicher link e jan. Subscribe korte amader channel er link Bistarito specifications jante ai link e jan

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Review| S8 Plus Camera Review|S8 plus vs iphone 7 plus camera test

Some Excerpts From My Review SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 & S8 PLUS : INDEPTH REVIEW : Best Camera Phones 2017 | S8 is an iPhone Killer | S8 Camera Review With Camera Test DESIGN & LOOKS : AN iPHONE KILLER Before I came across Samsung Galaxy S8, I had presumed that the 6.2 inches display would […]