T-Mobile iPhone X Works on Verizon!?!?

In this video I test out whether or not the T-Mobile iPhone X works on the Verizon LTE network. The results are surprising!

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39 thoughts on “T-Mobile iPhone X Works on Verizon!?!?”

  1. Verizon is supposed to be completely CDMA free by January 1st, 2020. Looks like phones that work on T-Mobile and ATT will now work on Verizon if unlocked.

    Hopefully this switch will not affect folks in rural areas.

  2. LTE is a GSM SIM based technology, so notice when call your cricket phone it connects immediately…that’s VoLTE connecting your call. Since Verizon is getting rid of their 3G and 1X technology they are routing all Data, SMS, and Voice over LTE.

    That’s why Verizon is in such a push to make sure they have the same nationwide coverage, because if they get rid of 3G and 1X then you’re in the same boat as Sprint.

    So that would make Verizon a GSM mobile phone company…technically*

    *while Verizon’s legacy network is STILL CDMA at the end of 2018 and early 2019 those phones and that network is leaving the company. That’s why their new flip phones only suppose 4G LTE. Because they are converting all 1X and 3G sites to 4G LTE (GSM) and 5G cell sites.

    Sprint is also doing the same-thing…

    *Sponge-bob time narrator *

    2000 years later….

  3. Can someone help me I have a T-Mobile iPhone X but a Verizon SIM Card from my old phone but it says SIM Not Supported and that didn’t tell him that… someone help please

  4. Great video keep it up you have the information that people really need to know instead of talking about a phone you talking about the carriers and you talk about the compatibility of a phone versus the cheapest way for us to be able to communicate excellent excellent excellent keep it up

  5. Will I still be able to make/receive calls, and send/receive text messages messages even if I'm only connected to the Verizon 3G/2G network, and not the 4G/LTE network?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Yeah, while this does work, I would still advise against buying one for Verizon,. Yes, their LTE is probably better than their CDMA in my area having only PCS on CDMA and band 13 for LTE, the areas where they roam just kills a lot of it. In my state there are plenty of places there they roam on US Cellular only on their 1x CDMA network which they did not even have VOLTE here so you will just not have a anything in those places. I would advise if you have to buy one to use it on AT&T so you can use all the coverage you pay for.

  7. one more thing to enjoy faster connectivity , use Verizon Iphone 10 on T-Mobile because IPHONE 10 on verizon has qualcomm. chip which is capable of one GIG network speed and Intel chip on GSM phones sucks

  8. Verizon 4G LTE is basically GSM , 2G and 3G are CDMA , almost all ready you will able to get Verizon 4G LTE because they are using same lower band for analog CDMA and for 4G LTE , thats why … but to juice full Verizon network not possible …

  9. I ran a compatibility test of my AT&T version of iPhone X on Verizon website for Verizon compatibility test, and the results says congratulations, you device is compatible with Verizon network. However, the message also says NON VERIZON IPHONE X, CDMA LESS. this message probably refers to the fact that AT&T version of iPhone X lacking the CDMA radio.

  10. It's because all 4g LTE networks are gsm. Verizon 3g is cdma. So only in LTE areas Verizon would work. That sucks because I love thier coverage but I'm a phone nerd and those phones usually only works on fully gsm networks!

  11. I’m getting a new IPhone X and my current provider is T-Mobile. Should I order a sprint or verizon one due to it having cdma and gsm or will it not matter. I am going to take my sim out of my old phone then put it into the new phone
    Thanks in advance

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