Stop Motion- Element Case Black Ops (Apple iPhone X)

Big thanks to Element Case for sending this out to review
You’ve seen a ton of case videos… I wanted to have fun with this one
If you want this case check out it out here-

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10 thoughts on “Stop Motion- Element Case Black Ops (Apple iPhone X)”

  1. I regrettably purchased one of these cases. The case is awesome. But there is one major problem, the aluminum interferes with the signal reception. It makes the iPhone pretty much useless. I originally used this case with an iPhone X. I didnโ€™t notice the signal problems right away because the reception in my area is excellent. When I did start noticing the problems I thought it was an issue with the phone. I decided since it was only two months until the IPhone XS was due to come out that I would wait and get a XS when it was released. Well I now have my XS so I swapped the black ops case over to the new phone and my brand new XS was just as bad as the X I traded in. I talked to a friend at Verizon and he suggested trying a different case. So I removed the black ops case and put a pelican case that I had on the phone, and it was like someone turned the cell towers on. So I contacted element with my findings and they said that itโ€™s not possible that their materials do not cause signal issues. After thinking about it I realized the case is essentially a faraday cage for your phone. Steer clear of this case!!! Maybe one of these professional product testers will rest it and prove the case is a problem. I have a case I donโ€™t use and would be willing to donate it to someone willing to do testing on the signals.

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