Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Low Light Test Vs Huawei P20 And iPhone X

45 thoughts on “Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Low Light Test Vs Huawei P20 And iPhone X”

  1. People don't buy Sony phones because they're all slick and 15 year old child friendly, they buy them because they don't start keeling over after 12 months.

  2. Interesting comparison! Loved hearing that the XZ2 Premium did so well, and even won out in several instances!!

    I believe the Xperia 1 though will be even better now that Sony's Mobile Dept and Imaging Dept as well as TV & Audio Depts are all mixed into the same dept! With OIS (as well as other things), the 1 will be AMAZING, esp in low light!!!!!!!!! Have faith Ben!!

  3. I think u give SO MANY BS FOR p20pro PROMOTION,,.. Hhh

    I think….

    And u think p20pro is better…

    "I THINK"

    Real thing is, even "IF" p20pro wins in camera, there's nothin better than SONY in sound quality, HI RES WIRELESS AUDIO capabilities.STABLE SOFTWARE.UPSCALE SDR VIDEO/images TO NEAR HDR. Natural colour on display and never stunk/hurt/give headache to our eyes for watching in long time above 8 hours.fastest android update right after Googles phones first.

  4. In this comparison, Sony showed Iphone X the reality as Iphone too uses Sony Sensors and used to beat Sony in older Iphones variant. Sony didn't use the best Image Sensors on it's own Xperia Smartphones rather it gives the best sensor to other smartphones that's why Iphone used to beat Sony in camera comparison.

  5. Pixel binning, as a cheat, doesn't help with motion. And as a general rule, when I'm doing low light shots, there are things moving. Also, pixel binning (usually) doesn't help when shooting video.

    There's no processing substitute for greater light sensitivity. And XZ2P, with its monochrome low-light camera, beats all other smartphones on the market in that regard.

  6. The smartphone market is so bad these days that people are considering a phone outdated because of its design… That's why we can now see this amount of disgraceful notches everywhere…
    Design is a matter of taste, only real spΓ©cifications and performance can be said outdated, and in this regard, Sony has some great "world first" as they like to call it: Motion Eye for example, 4K HDR recording, a 4K HDR screen since the XZ Premium (it may be overkill, but it's still unmatched till today).

    Beating the P20 Pro in videos is not that difficult, Huawei phones with their Kirin 970 are lacking when recording videos (it lacks IS at 4K for example).
    The Sony photos are great, they are noisier for sure, but there is definitely more details than the P20 Pro and they look more natural.
    But that would not be enough to help Sony to sell, hype nowadays seems to be better than real qualities…

  7. i bought a sony phone with overheat feature build in, Sony do not have the engineer to built thing, just imagine they release overheat phone, camera into the market, in the past those engineer should cut themself.

  8. Sony seems like capturing light is no problem but noise is very strong so mmh… i would say p20 pro is little bit better sometimes like u said

  9. Still, sony hasn't solve their too much noise on their low light. Even though they have higher iso, they still lack for shutter speed options. It's still not a yes for me for going back as sony user. But still i love them at day light. Right now, i think i might still stick with my huawei p20 for a while. I still inlove on how i can do full photography on this beast phone from huawei.

  10. That is fucking hilarious how useless the iPhone X camera is at shooting or filming in the dark πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    People can say that SONY has been behind in design for its phones, but Apple is so Out of date and far behind with its hardware it's not even funny.

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