So You Switched From iOS To Samsung's S10..

This one’s specifically for those switching from ios to the Samsung Galaxy S10, and gives a few ways one can make this wonderful phone more familiar after coming from apple’s operating system.

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38 thoughts on “So You Switched From iOS To Samsung's S10..”

  1. Want to switch from Xs max to the note 10 when it comes out! should I do it ? Also worried about switching because iOS is so smooth and is it true Samsung stops updating their phones after 2 years from when it was first released ?

  2. How would you deal with the emoji? I just got a new Samsung s10+ which I switched from iPhone and I hate the emoji. It looks so cheap and outdated. I hate it because it looks terrible when I’m messaging in general or on IG, Snapchat or FB. Do you know how I can get iOS emoji on Samsung? If there’s no answer then it’s all good. I’ll just switch back. Thanks

  3. After 9 years of iPhones, I ordered
    The S10+ today, I’m nervous but excited! I think the hardest part will be that most of
    My family is still using iPhones (therefore, will miss FaceTime and I messaging). Inspire of this, looking forward to it!!

  4. Honestly the iphone is a ripoff. Ive had ios for three years and all I can say is, TOO MUCH MONEY FOR STORAGE. I had a 32 gb iPhone while my new Samsung galpaxy s10 plus's first display option was 128 GB. Plus the camera has more pixels than my iPhone because the new phone can even capture the oil on my nose lol (my iPhone couldn't do that). All I can say is wayyyyy better than the iPhone 7 plus I've had for three years.

  5. If you want to make it look like Apple then just stay with apple. Android is way better though. I have used both worlds and Android allows you absolute customization! Go get Nova launcher from the Play store, and make your phone yours !

  6. Dying to get my S10+ my galaxy buds arrive tomorrow looking forward to seeing are they as good as the icon x 2018. By the way face off was one of my favorite movies as a kid I’d be disappointed if I got it wrong

  7. Ok , the slowing down of the animation is ,amazing. It is smooth, no need for it to be faster when it's silky like that and still plenty fast. How fast do ppl need to flip between apps anyway all these new phones are relatively fast . Greatest tip ever . As a former iOS user who is already loving this device that change just set it off , they should be like that stock! Also I just had to get good lock and use swipe right to go back as that is very familiar from IOS and I believe the most intuitive swipe, to go back lol. also ( all fully transparent and top to bottom bars) swipe up diagonally to the right ( short aNd long swipe so the system never messes up ;)for recents ,and then I left the swipe up from home natively. My God this thing is beast !

  8. It’s nice to see you make videos like this knowing how much you despise Apple. I went through this a couple of times and it wasn’t as easy for me. Two very different experiences to say the least. I love the customization and many options you get with android but the simplicity of an iPhone. Still waiting for Samsung to send you a s10 to review though! sad face

  9. iPhone 4 to the 7 and now S10! Never going back ! Overwhelming at first but after a few days I'm good especially since YouTube videos are such a good help and I researched Android features and the s9 in general. Change your ways Apple!

  10. Android is made for customization…… 😔 🤦Apple is downright shit. I'm sorry, but Apple really is shit. Even EverythingApplePro switched. If you don't like Android, it's because you don't know.

  11. Good video for iOS users who want a familiar layout. I switched from iOS and have an S9. I personally love not having all my apps on the home screen it keep things minimalistic 👌

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