Shorted Baseband CPU – Tips For iPhone 7 Qualcomm No Service Common Issue Troubleshooting

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Faced with iPhone 7 No Service Issue, repair technicians will troubleshoot from baseband PMU pseudo soldered to baseband CPU shorted. For pseudo soldering problem, we can fix it by re-soldering the baseband PMU. As for the shorted problem, since the baseband CPU cannot be replaced alone, there is no need to proceed with the repair. Here REWA provides a quick solution. So that you won’t waste your…

23 thoughts on “Shorted Baseband CPU – Tips For iPhone 7 Qualcomm No Service Common Issue Troubleshooting”

  1. It can be caused if you put a white dock connector to a black iphone or putting a black dock connector to gold or silver iphone 7,so try different dock connector

  2. How NO TO DO diagmosis. Run multimeter in diode mode – check caps near BB PMU – find short – give 0,5 -1V in the shorted line – see who heats – PROFIT. 3 minutes diagnosis.
    Of course then if you checked that resistance is good you be able to check voltages, but 7 of 10 devices on Qualcomm BB will have a short , so it is good known failure.

  3. Thank you for the video. My question is if baseband shows imei but not modem firmware, could the baseband be shorted still or could be other components? I already took off the baseband and reballed but did not restore with itunes. Modem formware problems is related to baseband or other? Thank you i love REWA!

  4. My question is : Would it be possible to have a jig that could read/write the shorted baseband cpu in order to transfer the IMEI data into a different fully working baseband cpu? This issue is very frequent, I have had many phones with this issue that gave me lots of headaches… Perhaps the Baseband CPU is shorted beyond the ability to recover it's data.

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