Selling my iPhone XS Max for the Google Pixel 3a XL?!

So if you have been following me you know I love my iOS products and the majority of the time, my main SIM card is in an iPhone. Well this thing called the Pixel 3a XL from Google just might come along and steal the show!

Buy a Pixel 3a XL here:



49 thoughts on “Selling my iPhone XS Max for the Google Pixel 3a XL?!”

  1. Like you said the battery life on the 3a XL is insane. It is the single most important feature of any phone to me. I don't need to buy power banks, battery cases, or carry a charger on me. The 3a XL lasts me all day all night with aggressive use at full brightness. While everyone at my job desperately plugs their iPhones in during the shift, I sit back worry free. Seriously, the 10S Max cannot last one 8 hour work day. I see it everyday!

  2. Bro, just found your channel and it's great! I totally agree and I switched from the regular Pixel 3 to the 3a because I just didn't need the latest processor and the few features like Pixel visual core that are missing. I like plastic better than all glass and I like having the headphone jack. Plus the battery is better on the 3a. And I'm saving money. Win win.

  3. Personally I was feeling the same way about iPhones. I donโ€™t use FaceTime. iMessage is cool but i can live without it. I even tried a G8 but had too many freezing apps. I am a former rooting fanatic myself. When it all comes down to it the 3aXL is a good choice. Possibly the best choice for most usage. Phones are essentially used for 3 things…calls, text, and taking pics. Those are the main reasons. Features above that are lets face it, gimmicks to charge more than whatโ€™s needed. I canโ€™t fall for that trap anymore. Even OnePlus has changed their focus.

  4. If you don't mind carrying 2 phones get a older smaller iPhone and use that for iMessage/Facetime and use the Pixel for everything else. Social media apps on Android are garbage when uploading pic/video. What you can do is take the pic/video from the Pixel back it up via Google Photos and then on your iPhone share it to IG/Snapchat etc. It's a wonky workaround but it works.

  5. iPhones are a better experience for me, and the company actually knows what privacy is.
    Iโ€™ve had most of the top end Samsungโ€™s, but if I were to go android again it would be the Pixel 4

  6. Nahhhhhh canโ€™t do it ……..these cameras got yโ€™all Hypnotized….. but hey to each itโ€™s own …. the excuse for short cuts on a device is ohhhhh is the clichรฉ line (for the price)

  7. The pixel 3a xl is a very solid phone. It has great battery and great camera. HOWEVER….that speed and smoothness will be noticeable over time. Not joking….the pixel 3a xl will lag. For instance, when I take a pictures, sometimes it takes literally 2 secs for the picture to appear after hitting the shutter button. Sometimes, it makes me think I forgot to hit the button. But if you can tolerate some lag and slowness, then the pixel 3a is a good option.

  8. Hard to find fault with your logic. After carrying an iPhone for 8 years I picked up a Pixel 3 last year on a Black Friday sale for $649. As my first android I was shocked with the convenience features it had that iPhones lacked. Split screen multitasking, floating screensaver clock when on charge, picture in picture and weather on my lock screen just to name a few. Apple keeps adding crazy features that few will use while ignoring the basic features that make everyday life easier.

  9. Change is good. We are all different and at certain times it is good to change. I swore I would never buy another iPhone when I bought the Note 2. Bought every Note over the iPhone until 2018. Went back to iPhone and now I have no interest in a Note or any other Android device.

  10. Bro. Me and you are the same. I switched my iPhone 8 plus for my Pixel 3a. Your just switching upgraded versions. Do it. Hell, it may help you pay your phone bill like it did mine๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ.

  11. I did same thing. Pixel 3axl best phone I ever purchased for the money. Battery a1. Google Duo actually alot crispier then FaceTime. I found out.

  12. I'm Sorry bro. I completely disagree. I ain't leaving Apple for Android. Fuck that. I need my phone to work flawlessly. The XS Max is the best phone on the market. Period. Android will never catch up with iOS.

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