1. I got scammed from their website as well. -15 GBP, they improved terms and conditions and in section 1.4 they states it is only pre-order and as such they will charge more for unlock service, so no luck with money refund from Master Card. STAY AWAY

  2. There are several sites that claim to unlock your phone/ipad and although they use different trading names, the results are
    very similar. Dr Unlocker is one which claims to unlock your your device, and you make an intial payment of £19.99 then a
    further payment of £30 , to be told that your device is reported to apple as being stolen or lost. The good news is that they
    have a premium service which they say will unlock your device for a further payment of £99.99. The other sites make similar
    claims and also have a PREMIUM SERVICE available
    You can buy an unlocked ipad for less than that, so don't fall for these scams

  3. I wish I could've done research before I bought their service because, they are currently unlocking my phone but, it was $27 at first the they charged $43 for a (premium service) which has not unlocked yet, and its been almost 4 months. the percentage is on 84 for unlocking the device. I believe its a scam site as well.

  4. They are not Scammers, When you check the pay button you see "from £" firstly. I have been working with them since 2013 as a engineer who helps customers. i felt like it was a scam the first time too but later i realized they pay you back wih in store credit if you are eligible, but if you did not check if your phone has some other issues you might not get a refund. i have a list of my unlocks since 2013, some were successfull and some were not, they even email you after a few years if a failed unlock is available. I dont understand why people destroy other peoples business in a hurry all just because they can put their face on camera and others watch. If anyone wants prove comment below and i will send you a full list of my transaction with them.

  5. That's how all company's are. Your paying for them to call your phone company to unlock the phone the additional payment is because your phone was black listed because the phone was blocked from non payment. I've used these types websites prior before .

  6. They are a scam. I just used them and got the same response other people have received by them saying your Iphone. Is reported lost/stolen blah blah here’s a site to check your imei. Tried their imei checker and it said my phone was reported but then I used a different imei checker and it says it’s clean and ready for use. Oh and they also suggest u recycle your phone to get some of the cash back , they kindly provide a link to that as well 🤔 if anything they own the 2 websites they suggest. ( websites they suggested: & The imei checker I used is also used by police Now trying to get my money back through my bank. We’ll see I guess.

  7. Hi Ed, Unfortunately as per our terms and conditions, handsets which do not meet the unlocking criteria are ineligible for a card refund. You have been refunded with a credit note to use against the premium service when it returns, or alternatively you can use it for a friend or family member who needs to unlock a different handset.

    Kind regards,

    iPhoneIMEI Team

    A division of DataCorp Ltd
    Track your order here –

    Do not use TOOOOO!!!!!

  8. Tudo charlatão desbloqueio nenhum 😠😠👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽enganador merda td saqueadores de pobres trabalhadores deveriam ser e preso enganando as pessoas 😡😡😡😡devolve meu dinheiro de volta ok

  9. Hello i am currently in conversation with the company Nochex similar to paypal i think they said my pbone was lost stolen or unpaid bill 19.99 then further 30 pounds so then i paid stupid ,but theybsay cant unlock unless i prove and provided link to a check webside £1.99 paid and passed check ,pdf i sent and still ignoring me cellunlocker is a con ,fake i wrote a honest but bad review ,unlocker keeps reporting my reviw …. can any one help i have proof my phone is not fraud

  10. Had the same experience, they are asking for a bigger amount of money after initial payment, from $19.99 (basic pay) they're going to ask for an additional, depending on the type of your iPhone (like for example, 5S – $59.99)

  11. I have a 7plus n i need it unlocked
    Can anyone help me please?😫😫😫I really need this phone working cause i have a stupid iPhone 6 n the 7Plus is an upgrade💯😔😫😭😭

  12. Had the same issue. I researched again and found Macworld webpage. There it was suggested to put your new SIM card into your iPhone and connect the phone to a computer to iTunes. Than it will unlock. I tried it with our iphone7 and it worked. No money no waiting no hassle, no code. All we had to do is unlock the phone while connected to iTunes and the statement came phone is unlocked and we could see the new network appear on the phone.
    If you have fallen for the scam, as I did as well, report it as scam to your bank and block your card. The bank will help in recovering your money, get you an new card and investigate the scam.

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