SANDMARC Wide vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Ultrawide: Camera Shootout


The new iPhone 11 Pro Ultra wide lens is the newest upgrade in Apple’s product line up and we’ve been getting a lot of questions on how the 11’s Ultrawide camera quality stacks up against our SANDMARC Wide angle Lens. So we wanted to do a camera shootout.

SANDMARC Lenses for iPhone 11:

SANDMARC Lenses for iPhone XR:

4 thoughts on “SANDMARC Wide vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Ultrawide: Camera Shootout”

  1. Wow! At first I thought your wide lens will be useless because of this ultra wide cam of 11s. But this video proved that everyone needs your wide lens! good thing I already have one with my XR 🙂 and again, thank you so much for FREE fisheye lens (i'm one of the winners of weekly giveaway) 😀

  2. Great video. I upgraded to the 11 Pro, but put off by its ultra wide distortion. I love my Sandmarc wide lens, but you guys need to release a pro case asap. The clip solution isn’t precise enough in my opinion.

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