Samsung Tv's secret menu TRICK / FIX FLIP IMAGE, upside down image problem fix, Exclusive youtube

Samsung Tv’s secret menu TRICK / FIX FLIP IMAGE, upside down image problem fix. Exclusive on youtube!!!

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The Samsung Tv’s have a Secret Menu and that secret…

41 thoughts on “Samsung Tv's secret menu TRICK / FIX FLIP IMAGE, upside down image problem fix, Exclusive youtube”

  1. Finally I got it!!! After I find the right code for my TV, I was able tl restore the picture. The code is: 65L2UF8E. Unfortunately, I still can not connect my headphones which I just bought
    from Amazon (named COWIN) to my TV and I don't know if is a way to do it. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate. Thanks, Ted.

  2. Worked!!!! I have a Samsung UN75JU7100FXZA "75 Inch that I replaced the "BN94-08843A T-CON, SUBCON Board" from My another 55'' Samsung from my Bedroom and my Image was UpSideDown, Didn't have the Option in the menu to Flipit and Your way was the only that worked for me (the way I enter in the Advanced Menu was:( 1- Download a Samsum IR remote Control App) (make sure your phone if IR enable, Samsung Galaxy 6 and 6 edges are enabled) then (with the TV turned off: pres in the Samsung App IR remote tv {MUTE}, {1}, {8}, {2}, and {Power-Key} one after the other "Not at the same time" Then I Follow your Steps, Then Voula when I change the model of the TV type to the closest to 75 Inch

  3. Thanks, you saved my life.
    I had same problem, accidentally changed model code without realizing it. I have model UN58H5202 (58") I didn't know the proper code for it. Going through the codes I saw only 1 starting with 58 (58D6AF0S) so I selected it. If you don't know your code, pick one with first 2 digits that matches your screen inches. Then return back to the original service menu. Half way down the info list on the right side you'll see model number (UN58H5202 for me) if it's correct power off and on. If it's a different model number than your TV – go back and try another code.
    *When you first bring up service menu look at the model number on info list, if it's right you probably have a different problem. Look for a different solution.

  4. Thank you. I got this to work on my Samsung UN65HU8550. I did take pictures on my cell of the current state of the Service Menu. The part number referred to next to "TYPE" in the location you referenced to in the Service Menu led me to a lot of part numbers (there were so many that they filled the entire screen). I just used logic and picked a number that was closest to the number already there. The only difference was it had a 65 in place of a 75. The rest of the part number remained the same. I then backed out of the Service Menu to the starting point and powered of the TV. I waited a couple of minutes, then powered the TV back on and the picture was back to normal. I must have watched your video 6 times, finally having to use pause a lot and rewinding to understand your video. Anyway, I got it to work and thank you again.

  5. Thank you so much! After the image being flipped for over week and no one at Samsung being able to help, I googled and found your video. You saved us a service call and/or a new TV. Thank you!

  6. Saved me! I replaced the main PC board on my Samsung TV model UN40EH5000 after a lightening storm fried it. New board worked great EXCEPT image was upside down and no way to change it in normal user menu. I followed this video instruction to get to service menu and changed 'Type" code. I did not know what code to change it to but after trial and error found one that worked. Thank you!

  7. this guy is the man. i was bout to toss this 3d 65 led samsung. i accidently hit left on that option while browsing that repair menu. we are good to go now. Now i might do it on purpose as a joke

  8. hi my friend. really thank you very much for your helping. i had this problem and i call samsung service and they told me the TV has hardware problem ! i do what you said and now it's solve. big thanks 😊

  9. Thank you it worked but can you please tell me how to get the code . I call Samsung and they act like they have no idea what I’m talking about . My tv is the un65hu9000. Please help

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