Samsung Screws Us with Galaxy Note 10 Pricing

Last year I complained that Apple upsold their customers on a bigger, more expensive phone. This year Samsung does them one better and charges an extra $200 for their bigger version of the Note 10.
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49 thoughts on “Samsung Screws Us with Galaxy Note 10 Pricing”

  1. amazing how all these stupid design decisions and prices are all because of camera quality/placement. people are annoyingly vain with their selfies and steak pictures. I wish these companies could focus on software and user experience over a stupid camera.

  2. For me the only real reason I'm considering upgrading from the Note 9 is for the IR blaster. If it turns out not to have an IR blaster I most certainly will not be getting it.

  3. Not worth it to upgrade. Note 9 does fine. Samsung knows that ppl will pay ridiculous amounts of money for a phone, that's basically 1 or 2 more features different from previous model. Samsung can kiss my knees! I'm not upgrading anytime soon

  4. Big phone companies develop monopoly than loot us…samsungs move to make non replaceable battery phones was also a move so ppl keep buying new phones every year….when you open phones for battery change now its si fragile yoy usually break something

  5. Now Jason you know the Note 10 is not just a "phone" 😂. The Note line has always been a mini Tablet with a phone. I had a Note 2 back in the day and it wag my all in one device! I only used my computer for video editing.

  6. Samsung's reasoning is simple:
    They can't compete in volume with Xiaomi, oppo, Vivo in the mid range market.

    They can't compete in volume with OnePlus, Asus and Xiaomi in the premium segment as the differences are reducing.

    How to solve this and maintain revenue while sales figures stall? Jack up the price.

  7. I cant understand why Samsung cant just have one Note 10 and keep it same price as original rrp of note 9 and make it a more bang for your buck phone.

    Me and the wife are a Samsung Galaxy fans but how can we keep buying their phones if they keep RAMPING up the price!….I dont want to be forced to pay 50 to 60 quid a month to use something I enjoy…..this phone price hike seemed to get worse the more companies create a get a new phone every year for this much a month plans got popular….seems convenient….hmmm

  8. I mean if you really want it you'll buy it no matter the price tbh. But yeah it is, then again if you cant afford why are you searching it and getting info on it

  9. you know how to get a $1,200 phone for less don't buy it wait a whole year they have no choice but to drop the price because they won't hit their numbers if nobody buys their overpriced phone.

  10. In my honest opinion Samsung is getting very Appleish. Your paying more and getting less. I luv the headphone jack & micro s/d expansion. So the note10 is a hard pass for me. Your better off with the note9 on Prime Day for 650.00 buckaroos!

  11. Sadly I'm watching this on the note 9 512gb unlocked from Samsung. Though it came with a "free" watch (s3 frontier) quick wireless charger and $100 worth of vbucks I couldn't use. My phone cost 1353usd

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