Samsung sarted relising pie / one ui update in midrange devices | A7 2018 ,A9 2018 ,A6 infinity etc

Samsung sarted relising pie / one ui update in midrange devices | A7 2018 ,A9 2018 ,A6 infinity etc
I told you in this video about samsung midrange devices because samsung started relising android pie update in their midrange devices.

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14 thoughts on “Samsung sarted relising pie / one ui update in midrange devices | A7 2018 ,A9 2018 ,A6 infinity etc”

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  2. Samsung One UI :
    Good –
    ▪︎Click Screen to wake up on Always on Display
    ▪︎Lift to wake- Set/Adv Features/Motion Gestures =Wake up
    ▪︎Reduce Animation – Set/ Advance Features/ Reduce Animation = ON (Faster UI)
    ▪︎Remove Animation – in Visibility enhancements
    ▪︎Sleeping Apps – Set/Device Care/Battery-Settings=Sleeping Apps
    ▪︎Flash Notifications – in Advance Settings
    ▪︎Gallery Recycle – click 3dots in gallery, click on Recycle Bin & Restore
    ▪︎Can add Text on pics
    ▪︎Multi Window Apps – pop up
    ▪︎Put App to Sleep -Set/Device care/Bat/Click on App & Turn on on Bottom
    ▪︎Optimise Set(when phone not in Use)Set/Device care/Bat– 3 dots/Set & Enable it
    ▪︎Pop Up View 👌🏻 – Menu – Click Icon of App & Open in Split screen or Pop up View (multi popup windows 👍🏻)
    ▪︎Lockdown Mode set/lockscren/secure lock set & scroll down to Show Lockdown options
    ▪︎Auto Restart – can be done everyday
    ▪︎I have Battey Indicator(Dreaming Battery) pop up when i charge my Phone.
    In ScreenSaver, I wish they have a similar option built in the phone, than the Colours or Photos
    ▪︎Auto Rotate – OFF, still give option to rotate with Icon on too right side
    ▪︎Weeks Left in Calendar- set/Apps/Calendar -> click set Icon & On – Show Wk #s

    VERY Very Bad –
    ▪︎Need List View or add a NEW GridView
    ▪︎& Hate the part when click on Menu it scrolls to previous App
    ▪︎No Down Arrow for Volume rocker
    ▪︎HATE IT that we have to change Tab to Record Video's 👎

    ✅ Download – Good Luck 2019 ✔
    ▪︎When we click to Mute Ringer Volume from the Status Bar, even the MEDIA volume should get Mute
    ▪︎Need Bigger Battery Icon on Always on Display
    ▪︎WORST part is if we need to Add a contact from WhatsApp we need to choose a Contact, THEN ONLY we get option to make NEW CONTACT  😏 (need to scroll below)
    ▪︎Want Samsung Apps to also Auto update like the Google PlayStore Apps
    ▪︎Give option to change the colours of the Clock and orther Icons in Status bar 😔
    ▪︎Wish we had option to add Seconds to the Clock in Status bar…..Please🤞🏻
    ▪︎*Rather than Screen Saver Option.*
    I really wish there was option to have Big size Battery showing on the Always on Display, when ever we plugged it in to charge the Phone to charge 📱 👌🏻 😎

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