Samsung QLED Q6FN TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung Q6FN (Q6/Q6F) QLED TV.

The Samsung Q6FN is a great 4k TV, with low input lag and FreeSync support. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:

The Q6FN offers great performance across a range of different usages. It has low input lag for gaming and supports more advanced features like FreeSync and low input lag interpolation….

20 thoughts on “Samsung QLED Q6FN TV Review –”

  1. I'm very confused by how theb lack uniformity is good and it has Deep black but the local dimming is bad? What does this mean? Does this have an effect on the dark performance in a dark room? Will this tv have good and Deep blacklevels in dark room?

  2. is my ESSENTIAL go to for pre-purchase TV research. So rich with straight forward detailed delivery and comparisons. Simply Excellent. Love you guys!!

    My second source for very technical information is HDTVTest. I haven't found any better than these two, as yet!! 😀 👍👍👍

  3. I have Samsung 78ks9800 from 2016. My 3 year old just broke it though. Could you recommend one of Samsungs more recent TVs that would have similar specs? Q6,7,8,or9,?
    Mainly for movies and 4k hdr. No sports or gaming. Thanks

  4. Hi there.
    6q in 55" frame have native 120hz,
    I guess its a game changer if u watch sport or dynamic action, is it??
    But tell me someone, is that Samsung 55" is edge LED backlight or full array?????
    I want to compare this one to SONY KD49XF9005 which have native 100hz and full array led backlight.
    Wondering which to choose cause right now booth have sale price(still expensive), difference is 50 British pounds between.
    Samsung is 55", Sony 49". Distance from a tv is about 2 meters.
    I saw some negative reviews on Amazon for Samsung with screenshot example showing distortions during the movie.
    Samsug is Q LED, SONY isn't but in the store I always was impressed with dramatic watching expierience SONY provide, with really deep black, vivid colours like in cinema even if its not Q LED.

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