Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Speed Test & Review | Galaxy S9

Samsung’s Wireless Convertible wireless charging stand is gorgeous and very practical, but how fast it it vs standard wired fast charging?

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18 thoughts on “Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Speed Test & Review | Galaxy S9”

  1. The reason why it's slower is because the hardware has a slower output to begin with.
    The S9 do supports 15W wireless and wired charging. But Samsungs own wireless chargers only support 9W output while "fast charging".
    So this comparison is actually 15W vs. 9W. That's 40% slower…

  2. I have a galaxy s8 and I use the galaxy s7 charger, due to the fact that the s8 charger stopped fast charging about 4 or 5 months after I got it. The galaxy s7 charger is really fast, with the thing that makes it able to fit (I dont know what its called) but my galaxy s8 charges in about maybe about a hour if its completely dead.

  3. Hi Vtudio,
    I am planning to buy the new 2018 Samsung Fast Wireless Charger with my iPhone X. Is it compatible with iPhone X? Also, is it a good choice? Does fast charging hurt the phone? If it does, I will be planning to buy the wireless charger that is not fast charging.
    Please reply to me as soon as possible.

  4. I'm using s9 plus and the same pad as yours ,but whenever I'm charging wirelessly and watching YouTube or some music app ,the phones seems to stock at the same percentage, only if I close the app will the battery percentage go up ,have you encounter the same issue ?

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