Samsung Pay Setup for Samsung Gear S3

Finally we have Samsung Pay on a Samsung Gear watch. Samsung Gear S2 was promised to have Samsung Pay but did not arrived the day it was delivered. Samsung Gear S2 however, received Samsung Pay and it works flawlessly. Samsung Pay is quite unique in that it has both MST (Magnetic Strip Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communication). MST is the older technology that most terminals still uses while NFC is being roll out as the newer technology requires by Apple and Android Pay. In this…

23 thoughts on “Samsung Pay Setup for Samsung Gear S3”

  1. Thanks for the video. I've got a question:
    Do you need to have your watch connected to the phone via Bluetooth for example, in order to be able to use Samsung Pay on your watch? How about the NFC on the phone? Should be turned on?

  2. the pion alone makes this samsung pay rubish on the watch but also out of the 5 times i have used it 2 times it failed cause it says 2 payments are trying. dont know why i was surproised. i stoped using samsung pay on my watch cause you have to open app, then chose pin or iris, then look into phone or pin where as google pay is take it out of your pockedt open phone with finger and google pay just works. SAMSUNG PAY SUCKS AND IT ISNT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE. sAMSUNG YOU NEED TO SORT IT OUT. WHILE YOUR AT IT LET YOUR S3 USE GOOGLE PAY. RETURNING MY GEAR S3 FRONTEER CAUSE OF PAYMENTS

  3. True, the bank has to confirm your card via the pin token system 😂 and it would be nice to have a fingerprint confirmation for payment as an option rather than a pin makes it more fluid and secure

  4. samsung pay doesn't show up in my settings on s7 edge samsung gear app . it has not been disabled in application settings, it does not even show up – I have set up android pay on my s7 edge and that works fine – any ideas how to download or enable samsung pay on my s7 edge – when i enter ncf options on gear s3 it says no installed payment apps ? I'm really stuck – can you help 🙂

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