Samsung One UI: Quick Look!

Read more: | Samsung just announced One UI, a new user interface for Samsung devices that brings back focus and usability.

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29 thoughts on “Samsung One UI: Quick Look!”

  1. And a note for those who didn't upgrade to One UI yet, you'll lose Pro Video in Camera/WiFi pattern learning for battery saving which is very important/vertical app switcher which been replaced by a horrible buggy horizontal card-style one/split screen control panel/etc, or stay at Oreo for good.

  2. Samsung, stop wasting money designing your own UI that never worked! Just use Android One please and we'll have the best hardware + software.

  3. Honestly I am angry at phone devleopers for not dealing with this sooner. My old phone was so much more usable with one hand and I was pissed when they stopped making small phones and then expected me to swipe down from the top to open the main menu. YOu guys took long enough to address the issue.

  4. Wait…If you scroll on the setting the options go up to a "non reachable area"

    Also once you click Display(for example), the options were in "non reachable" area once again


  5. So basically – Samsung says their phones are too big so we're gonna cut half of it and that half is gonna say just one word and vóila that's the newness right there. You don't have to touch anything on top, like for the hamburger menu – just swipe from the left to the right and you're good. This gesture scenario is present in practically all apps already. Samsung has wasted their time.

  6. Just bring back normal phones size for gods sake
    Dont create a problem and find a solution, avoid that probelm in first place
    Most people are happy with 5 – inch screen

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