Samsung Note 9 Screen Replacement | Repair Guide

Get new and original Screen at Samsung Note 9.

In this video, I will show you how to replacement Super AMOLED screen for Samsung. Follow this video to replace the broken screen of your Samsung Note 9 in below conditions: The screen of your Samsung Note 9 got broken, cracked; Colored spots and lines keep showing on the screen; There is an orange spot in the same area of the display screen; Rainbow pattern or…

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  1. I saw a few heat guns at Harbor Freight, but they seem to only offer two temps way above 100 degrees C or 212F. Does it matter that the heatgun can be set at specific degrees? Glad I am not the only one that saw the missed screw between and above the camera and the flash.

  2. Lol you make this look so much easier than it probsbly is… I just have a few little cracks in the glass I'm not sure if it's worth attempting this… But what would I need to order if it's just the glass cracked? Screen stil lworks fine

  3. Ok so i have a small crack, doesnt effect my waterproofness, (not sure if its a deep scratch or carck) but its aesthetically annoying the living shit out of me. Im considering replacing it for the sake of not driving myself absolutely insane.

    I want to know a few things before buying a screen from here. 1; is it waterproof when replacing. I would dish all the money out for adhesives and such, but will that waterproof it for me? 2; is this screen a almost exact replacemwnt for the prior one. As in does it have latency, does it look fine from all angles, is this screen the closest possible replaca to the original. 3; im also probably going to order new back glass just incase ic i were to break mine, is the back glass identical or as close to identical as possible. 4; is there some kind of warenty on parts? This is a big concern to me. 5; how long does shipping take roughly to someone in the US. 6) do you supply screens to all the varyants on the note9? I have the US qualcomm version. Need to know if the screen will work proper.

    Sorry for the long comment, just making sure the product suppled is an exelent one for the price of the device and the price the product carries. Looking forward to your reply.

    Edit: i have SM-N60U. Is back glass and front assembly including frame compatible with device?

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