Samsung Note 9 Longterm Review: Still the Best Phone in 2019?

It’s been almost a full year since the launch of the Note 9, a device people either felt was most worth it’s thousand dollar price tag or they though it was a boring upgrade. I fell into the category of seeing both points of views, although it wasnt a radical overhaul, it almost perfected every aspect in that design language. So here are my thoughts about the galaxy Note 9 after owning it for almost a full year and why I’m likely not going to buy the next version

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22 thoughts on “Samsung Note 9 Longterm Review: Still the Best Phone in 2019?”

  1. I'm upgrading to the Note 10+ because I want a phone with no notch and no big bezels I don't want my phone to have no interruption on the display I don't mind having the hole punch cutout front facing camera the more screen the better to make the phone more futuristic looking

  2. great review, I would like to hear more about the Note 9 review for a person who uses the S-pen because their are user who utilize the S-pen often. Again great review.

  3. I would keep the Note 9 and would not upgrade to Note 10 if I were you. I don't mind the bezels and I love the headphone jack. No notch or punch hole camera for me.

  4. My note 9 will be a year old (Ownership wise in October 2019) and will be payed off by april ish may.
    Still good even without the defender screen protector and the clasp for the front of the phone.
    I may get the S10+. Maybe the note 10 if the dongels are like reinforced with a really good material.

  5. Headphones is main for me and fullscreen not so important for me so not upgrading from note 9 this is so awesome in many ways as iam interior designer I could do som many things with it will wait longer to upgrade from this till it become slower 👍😀😁

  6. I am currently using One plus 3T and want to buy a new phone. The competition is currently a 3 way with OP 7 pro, Note 9 and Note 10. I really hope that Samsung surprises everyone and keep the headphone jack. Along with that, I hope it has fast charging with it.

  7. Yes. It is still IMHO the best phone if 2019.b if go so far as to say it's the best phone made to date. To top it… The phone should be the Dave plus a 4k screen, faster refresh, 45e battery charging, 7.5' screen…

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