Samsung mocks Apple and the iPhone X

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Samsung loves to mock Apple and its fans that line up outside stores to get the latest iPhone. In this latest ad, Samsung mocks Apple’s storage and water resistant problems over the years.

40 thoughts on “Samsung mocks Apple and the iPhone X”

  1. This ad translates a big lack of courage from Samsung because they see themselves obliged to compare its products to its biggest opponent to make people think that they are better. If they need to show that, it means that it is not the case and that Samsung fears Apple ! More, Apple would NEVER do this kind of ad. Why ? Because they are more honest !

  2. Samsung:
    – Previous models have looked cheap and devalued significantly after 12 months
    – Forces you to use Bixby rather than Google Assistant
    – Charges almost as much as an iPhone even though they don't develop the OS
    – Takes ages to roll out Android updates, and typically only guarantees 2 years of Android updates
    – Great hardware, but horrible software design
    – Overly saturated colours
    – Features which are apparently "more innovative than Apple", but no one ever uses
    – Batteries catch on fire, like their washing machines.
    – A horrible history of copyright infringements and dirty tactics of extending out court cases until they capitalise on the market.

    There's no perfect smart phone, it's a preference, but I know a lot of people who fix and repair smart phones for a living, and they all use iPhones.

  3. Samsung wins ether way. They make components for Apple phones too.

    That being said, the Chinese phones offer a better balance of specs and battery life, but the Software updates from Samsung are better for the expensive Sammy phones.

  4. This is plastered on Digg’s front page because, We think this ad is irresistibly clever! Uh, not really. It’s like every other ad in which one company takes a shot at a rival product. Digg has dumbed itself down to borderline intolerable. iPhones are boring as white bread and Android phones can’t seem to wrap their head around data/privacy protection. I don’t like either anymore. Does Nokia still sell a candy bar phone?

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