Samsung leaks Note 9 again (Alphabet City)

Well, it’s come to this. These are the last leaks we’ll see of the Note 9 because it is getting unveiled super-soon. WIll there be any surprises at the launch? Doubtful. Meanwhile, Google accidentally tells YouTubers the Pixel 3 launch date. All that and your comments on this episode of Alphabet City!

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Will the Samsung Note 9 suffer the same fate as the Galaxy S9? -…

49 thoughts on “Samsung leaks Note 9 again (Alphabet City)”

  1. Iyaz, I love that there is finally a show that is not about Apple – Google Fan Boys Unite! Please feel free to make the show longer and include those extra stories.

  2. Hey Man, go longer… Put in some reviews and product comparison in this show… I know that surface go is less powerful, but can Microsoft make an 8" version? Of course, the keyboard and pen should be sold together…is there any possibly a chance that iPhone gets the pencil? …when Will MacBook air get a retina display? Will Macs have a touchscreen? Thanks…a lot

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