Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Gaming Review //PUBG Mobile, FORTNITE, COD!!!

The Galaxy Tab S6 is one of the most powerful Android tablets today. So we took it through tis gaming paces to see how well it handled the best Mobile games and what it has to offer to gamers. If you would like to some more about on Tab S6, leave a comment below.

Galaxy Tab S6:
Steelseries Stratus Duo:

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40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Gaming Review //PUBG Mobile, FORTNITE, COD!!!”

  1. Hello to everyone! I have something weird on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to make me think of selling it. Since i install the android 9, my Tab S4 doesn't play my games in they full resolution, but in 720p or worst. I play mostly Clash of Clans. I have installed Game Tuner before on android 8, but now on andrid 9 the Game Tuner is dissapeared from my Tab S4 and even on Play Store. I try diferent way to make it work again but isn't possible, it's something about Game Optimizing Service and Battery Usage Service. I don't give a f…k about battery, i just want to play my games on decent resolution. It's so disappointing to have a flagship tablet and not to be able to play games on full hd or in they full resolution. I have the oldest Galaxy Tab S 10.5, and there i can play my games in full resolution but lacks in frames. If you are an gamer, just dont buy Samsung Tablets people, buy an Ipad.

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  3. Thanks for your videos love your channel! Quick question is it worth the upgrade and a $300 difference to go from my tab s4 4g to a tab s6 wifi 256gig. My friend wants to buy my s4 but I'm torn! Thanks

  4. The two major deficiencies that the Tab S6 have are the lack of 5G and WiFi 6 (802.11ax). If I am going to invest into a brand new tablet today, I want the latest technologies. Samsung rushed this thing out, and it shows. I’ll pass, thank you. Apparently, Best Buy customers are finding this out and are returning Tab S6 units in droves.

  5. Why has it taken so long for a manufacturer to put a top shelf processor in a tablet again? I mean I get that desk is now a selling point where Samsung can push into the Chromebook/surface market but I've been looking for a premium tablet for yesterday and the best I've been able to find have been Huawei's because they use their own silicon. Hopefully this starts a trend…

  6. People loose me when compare the iPad pro to the tba s4 or s6,…just don't understand how people that claim knowing tech, innovation etc. do that, maybe to create sensation….the iPad is playing catch up, remember the pen? …it took a while and I will not mention the struggle to get split screen on the iPad… productive is the ipad? you may have all the muscles in the world but without technique you will only go so far….could not think of another analogy. the iPad means status and that's all, the vast majority just buy it because they do not think for themselves,….they may think they do and that their opinions and judgments are their own, well it is like that since the beginning of times, some people are just followers…they even hate without knowing why.

  7. I received mine friday, and it is laggy screen response on screen with my finger. It's okay screen response with spen. Also my finger scanner doesn't seem to want to register my fingerprint. I don't know if I got a bad unit or what. The box was a little damaged.

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