Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review

With a slim bezel, lack of a home button, four speakers tuned by AKG, and last year’s hardware on board, is the Galaxy Tab S4 worth its entry price of $650? Well, let’s check it out!

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review”

  1. Who actually looks at there task manager to see how much ram they have left? I play pubg on 2gbs of ram while have multiple different apps open and Ive never went passed the 1.5 mark

  2. I've been watching a bunch of Tab S4 reviews and this is by far the best I've seen. Hit the pros and the cons adequately, without overselling either. Very concise and efficient. Great review!

  3. I find it funny when they say power user my be disappoint because it's last year chip…so is my 2018 mustang no longer a power car because of the 2019 mustang…doesn't make sense

  4. OLD CPU in the Tab S4 why Sasmung why ??Google Pixel Slate 2018 has an Snapdrag850 the most powerful Snapdragon available they planned ahead for 2018. Samsung you fcked up..Why didnt you use the 845 or the Exynos 9810 to power this giant tablet you had the chips why would you use the old Snapdragon 835 .thats an insult to pay $650 for this old junk..shame on you Samsung especially after the Note 7 disaster ..Apple iPad Pro uses the A12 bionic CPU it destroys the Tab S4 it's faster more responsive and has a better more accurate pencil with better software updates iPad pro 2018 has a 120hz panel is faster than the Amoled at 60hz that's a shame how can you the world leader of Tv displays make such big mistakes using cheap hardware. SHAME ON YOU Samsung you keep letting your fans and loyal customers down how can a Galaxy S9 plus and Note 9 be way more powerful than your best tablet in 2018?..that's a disgrace.

  5. Bought this tablet for $499 during the holidays! Had the first and the second iPad 12.9 pro and this tablet beats them easily. Also the 2017 iPad 12.9 pro has major screen touch problems! Have had mine replaced 3 times! Never an iPad again

  6. I'm in the market for a tablet. I think tablets are good for people like me who like carrying a compact phone but when at home would like to watch YouTube videos, surf the web or play movies in HD on a big screen. Too bad they made this tablet to fragile. I would put a huge bulky case since with that size it will crack.

  7. Which tab would you folks recommend STRICTLY for digital comic consumption?!?!…..

    1. Tab A 10.1
    2. Tab S3
    3. Tab S4

    ………should have a nice screen and be able to support sd cards up to 516gb! Thanks!

  8. Should of been atleast 6gb of mem for proper multitasking, its a real let down. No finger print scanner, speakers are still poor, old chipset & 2015 camera. Just feel like their trying to get rid of old stock and they shove a High price tag which is ridiculous.. I am now looking at the Huawei mediapad m5, for the price is very good. I think I rather get that than paying this years price for yesterday's tech.

  9. I saw a student with this iPad and ya know what he does? Fuckin Facebook on a browser
    He said it's expensive but he just leaves it at the long chair inside the auditorium
    I wanted to scare him by hiding it but I was sure I'd get in trouble if I did that

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