Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X Camera Review

In this review we take the S9 and iPhone X out to play from sunrise to sunset to show you exactly how they both perform in all sorts of lighting conditions.

iPhone XS Camera:
S9 Review:

Galaxy S9:
iPhone 8:

All footage was recorded at 4k/30 or 1080p/240. For best viewing make sure you watch in the maximum provided resolution.


29 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X Camera Review”

  1. ya'll got good chemistry :') when i ask my gf for help to make a review video she makes the sound of a cow and farts like one. I live in the city so this comparison was the most helpful by far. Kudos.

  2. It is nice to see that someone made a proper camera comparison. Please test the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 with DJI Osmo Mobile so we can see which one is better when it comes to movie like vidoes.

  3. thank u the top camera comparison , but please add video stabilisation aswell in future , and could you compare 4k 60fps vs 30fps on the move to see which one look better you could do i phone 4k 30fps vs galaxy s9 4k 60fps or viice versa

    thank you i subscribed

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