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  1. This is really confusing to me, so this feature created a 2nd homescreen for me, great!
    But why is my 'secured' apps still accessable without any securiry measure in my main homescreen? Does that not defeat the object? Do i need to remove the secured apps from my main screen? If so some of them needs uninstalling like Whatsapp…wouldn't that remove the app altogether from my phone?. I really need help with this. Thanks

  2. But why the apps in secure folder also shown on the app screen like i have gallery camera internet app in secure folder but all these apps are also shown in the full app screen ….. so whts the use of secure folder if apps can be opn from the main screen?

  3. It really isn't they try to cover up the knox security data which blocks bootloader n knox saves everything u do more than google how is that possible but they can give your info to bbn other people they want look at the privacy n policy folder

  4. Ok, anybody can help me?
    Look, for example, I have a Telegram. And when I removed this app to secure folder, I have a "new" Telegram.

    But I wanna to have hides Telegram with finger print. (Like in Apple iPhone). How can I do this?

  5. If I access the camera from lock screen, record something, then someone takes it and deletes it without even unlocking my phone, how do I prevent videos or pics from getting deleted from the lock screen? I know I can retrieve the video from the trash, but how do I not let the phone delete vids or pics taken from the lock screen?

  6. i did everything . but now to unlock my regular home screen i still have to put my pattern pin. can i just take that out? and leave the fingerprints only for the other side of the phone?

  7. Please somebody tell me is it worth upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S8 or a Samsung Galaxy S9 because the current phone I have is a Samsung Galaxy S7 which is working fine is it worth the upgrade and if you did upgrade which phone would be the better of the two and my provider will not give me any plus size phones it's either 8 or 9 that's it thank you

  8. LMAO Ricky. So basically one of the probing questions I will be asking my customers when trying to size up the right phone for them, is "are you cheating on your man or woman? If so I have the perfect phone for you."

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