Samsung Galaxy S9 REVIEW

Photo Quality, Video Stabilisation, Battery Life, Face Unlock, Bugs, Performance, Warranty, Value for Money, Android 8.0, the iPhone, Ok Google and so much more!

Photos – 01:38
Videos – 03:01
Screen – 06:56
Battery Life – 10:46
Security – 13:46
Bugs – 18:06
Performance – 19:44
Headphone Jack – 21:38
Virus Protection – 22:58
Speakers – 23:29
Fashion – 24:42
Value for Money – 25:09
Warranty – 26:43
Final Word – 28:33

Important Video Issue:…

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9 REVIEW”

  1. This was honest and pleasing to watch. Thanks for mentioning the shortcomings of this phone. Samsung has been annoying me since the s8+. I got the Note8, no luck. Now the S9+ and still the software is a jittery, stuttery mess. I am mad at myself for coming back to Samsung again and again just because they have really powerful marketing. Unfortunately the beauty of their products is only skin deep.

  2. Hello , you`ve done awsome videos with your experience witrh your phones !!!

    Please help me to choose a new one ….

    For almost 5 years i am using an Iphone 5S and i need faaast to change it …. camera quality is the biggest condition … when i saw the price of iphone X (256GB 1360 US $) and Samsung S9+ (128GB 1100 US $ , i do not want regular S9 because of only 4GB RAM) in my country (Romania) i started to search for Google Pixel 2 XL and i found version with 128GB at 973 US $.

    Please help me to choose between:
    iphoneX 256GB- 1360 $
    SamsungS9+ 128GB- 1100 $
    Google Pixel 2 XL 128GB – 973 $

    I`m not a very technical guy (old Iphone user 😀 ) and i like to use my phone many years after i bought it (maybe 3 or 4) but i need a reliable phone with a good camera wich i can use it without problems after 3-4 years and why not to have a good resell value.

    For me, until now, after all reviews i saw with Google Pixel 2 XL, this has the BEST CAMERA for awsome HDR colours, stabilisation and low light BUT it is BIIIG, no jack, no SD card, only 4GB ram, Android …..

    Thank you very much.

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