Samsung Galaxy S9 Preorder Unboxing | Free Case, Wireless Charger & MORE!

IT’S HERE!!! The first real unboxing of the S9, so let’s unboxing the hell out of it together!

Galaxy S9:
Wireless Charger:

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S9 vs iPhone X Camera:

You get a Wireless…

23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9 Preorder Unboxing | Free Case, Wireless Charger & MORE!”

  1. I received my s9+ here in qld Australia back on the 12.03.18 no bag but got a wireless charger and Samsung galaxy A Tab as well.
    Last time I ordered the s7 edge I also got the exact same tablet lol so I now have two galaxy tablets

  2. I have an S8 Plus, and already pre-ordered my S9 Plus in Midnight Black…

    Going from my S8 Plus to a S9 Plus, I will get:

    A CPU performance upgrade of 33%.
    A GPU performance upgrade of 30 to 40%.
    Memory upgrade from 4GB's to 6GB's, to better 'future-proof' this Smart Phone, and should help to retain its value.
    The new upgraded larger storage capacity supported on micro SD card of up to 2TB's, but currently a 400GB Micro SD card is the biggest you can buy. A 512GB SD card is supposed to be released in a few months. This larger size storage is handy for recording 4K video.
    New ability to record 4K video at 60FPS.
    The new screen improvements, brighter, with even darker blacks.
    New thicker Gorilla Glass 5 for added strength.
    New stronger frame, made with an even thicker gauge metal than the S8 has.
    New upgraded speakers that are louder that the S8 has, and now added a second speaker too!!
    New camera feature using D RAM, to take multiple pictures at once, to make 1 killer picture.
    New Dual camera. (a wide-angle dual aperture lens 12MP camera and a 12MP telephoto camera.)
    New Super Slow Mode Mode… At 960FPS. Epic!!
    Finger print scanner now moved to an improved spot.
    New variable aperture, a first on any smart phone ever… This feature is normally found on high end digital cameras.
    New version of the OS going from Android version 7 Nougat, to version 8 Oreo.
    The Samsung Options Menu getting upgraded to a new version found only on the 9, not the 8.
    Bixby identify the food with calories, Bixby translate, and the face makeup thing… Currently found only on the 9, not the 8.
    New curves that feel better in your hand.

    I believe it is wise to unload my 8 Plus, while the market still is willing to pay decent money for it. Soon all high-end Smart Phones will be running with 6GB of memory or more, all with killer processors. Rest assured that developers will take advantage of the extra system resources if available. They always do…The S8 won't bring in the same price then, as it will currently. If you can afford to, jump into the faster 6GB S9 Plus. You wont be sorry if you keep this phone for a few years…. While naive reviewers today may say, the S8 Plus is just about as good as the S9 Plus, the price for mint used S8's will stay up. When true wisdom sets in, it will drop fast. The truth will come out that for the best performance, today's high end Smart Phones, should be running with 6GB of memory. My advice is to unload now.

    I think there are plenty of upgrades in the Samsung 9 series. People who say 'not much new here' need to start thinking of these more as computer systems, not just phones and cameras. Intel and Nvidia would be jumping with pride if their new CPU's and GPU's gave you a 30 to 40% increase in performance each year… For myself, I will gladly take the many new features, respectable jump in performance, the upgrade in available system memory, and the massive storage improvement on the micro SD Card. Fine job Samsung on your new beautiful phone!! You won my business once again!

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