Samsung Galaxy S9 How To Text Message A 4K Video – YouTube Tech Guy

Samsung Galaxy S9 How To Text Message A 4K Video – YouTube Tech Guy

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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9 How To Text Message A 4K Video – YouTube Tech Guy”

  1. This is the only reason that I would switch to an iPhone. I really love samsung but they honestly need to fix this because with the high quality video sending, iPhones have the upper hand.

  2. It really sucks that Android hasn’t come up with something similar to imessage. I am so ready to make the switch but the issues with sending videos between the two and not being able to text on WiFi are too big for me since everyone I know is on iPhones. I’m really sad about it.

  3. With almost an $1000 phone we SHOULD NOT have to do this. Samsung needs to get on Apple's level and just allow us to simply share our high quality videos via text 🙄😒. Samsung supersedes all other phones in every other aspect expect for this one simple function. I LOVE my note 8. But feel like this one fix would make their phone perfect and the memes stop lol

  4. So does the receiver need to have a Samsung account in order to see the larger file shared as well? If so, what happens if they don't have a Samsung account or a Samsung phone for that matter??

  5. Looks like in order to do this you have to agree to send your entire contact list to Samsung? Is there any concerns with doing that? why do they need my entire contact list? I mean I can understand the one person that I need to send a video to.

  6. How do I record a video on a text message directly. So I open up a text message At want to record a video directly on the text message. I used to be able to do that on my LG for some reason my note 9 will not allow me to do that period can you help me please?

  7. This is Android at it's worst…..messaging. Yes iMessage may downgrade a long video but not by much(at least when your viewing it on a mobile device it looks great). So this 384mb video you have if your somewhere with slow cell service your telling me you have to upload 384 mb then once that's finally done uploading you send a link out where the other person hopefully has good service as they will have to stream the video?
    I want to switch over to Android but J won't until they have something that compares to iMessage

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