Samsung Galaxy S9 | 4K Video Stabilisation is Great but Glitchy

Sample footage walking through the streets forwards and sideways with video stabilisation turned on and off. All footage shot at 4k 30fps.

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9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9 | 4K Video Stabilisation is Great but Glitchy”

  1. For better video stabilization, try using the EIS of OPEN CAMERA app. It's a lot better than Samsung's version of EIS. I cant figure out why Samsung cant do a good stabilization, Apple has been doing a good job with their camera stabilization for years. I'm not an apple fan but if there's one thing to admire, its their camera's video stabilization. You'll barely need a gimbal.

  2. The stabilized version is much better, a huge improvement over my old S7. However, the video exhibits compression artifacts and frame rate stutters. Was that in the source footage, or a product of editing?

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