Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. LG G6 Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the latest Android flagship phones for 2017 from Samsung and LG. She compares the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 smartphones with high resolution widescreen displays, Android 7.0 Nougat, near bezel-free designs and top cameras.

Watch our review of the LG G6 here:
Watch our view of the Samsung Galaxy S8 here:

28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. LG G6 Comparison Smackdown”

  1. Thank you for your review!!

    I have the lg G6 and in Australia the default internal size is 64gb. I ended up getting the 128gb without the wireless charging (HK model… I think) and it runs beautifully.

  2. I loved my LG V10 but it got the boot reload same thing with my LG G3 I like LG for their display but I like ZTE now in some instances because they're building mid-range phones with fingerprint scanners

  3. The LG G6 has recently come down to $500 (T-mobile) with the launching of the V30 ($800). I'm waiting for your review on the LG V30 before I take a bite out of the apple (no pun intended). Any chance you can do a review of the V30? Maybe compare it to the S8? Thanks in advance Lisa!

  4. I need to ask you for advice – LG G6 or Galaxy S7 (regular, not edge, exynos versios)? Which one should I buy considering that my priorities are camera (photos in auto mode) and battery life? In my country they are in the same price range (about 400 Euros) and S8 and U11 are about 600-650E so I dont compare them even though they are all 2017 flagships

  5. I just bought a G6 and I found it annoying that the glass over the cameras is susceptible to scratches simply by putting it on a clean, flat surface. I did a google search and it's a big problem. The good news is the scratches can be buffed out with a solution made for watch repair – if I am believe it works. Not impressed. Why couldn't LG put the lenses under the gorilla glass?

  6. Had the iPhone 6 Plus for 2.5 years (skipped the 7 Plus, because it was so underwhelming) and upgraded to the s8 in April. I love it and I'm glad I ventured out of the iPhone world. Have used iPhones since 2011 until now.

  7. the LG g6 is a pretty phone but I got the galaxy s8 and from a person who has had the s5 s6 s7 and now the s8 it's a big difference. and I have dropped my s8 bout 5 times already no cracked screen for me.

  8. You cut way too much slack for Samsung, giving their flukes cute names, but lg has got a way more feature mature device, and notice how 3rd party apps scale way better for lg, then the reds on the OLED on S8…ugh…LG has outdone everyone with this marvel.

  9. Had the s8Plus and sent it back!! Have the LGG6 now and very satisfied with it! Samsung seems to disappoint me with certain problems that they bring on to every version they come out with. LG is solid and runs smooth. Love it! Samsung is just all about aesthetics. S8 and S8plus is like a delicate flower 🙁 LGG6 is a real phone and most reliable. Had the experience of both and had to chose what comes out on top and keep. Goodbye Samsung!

  10. @MobileTechReview. Is there any (confirmed) news about the specifications and releasedate of the LG G7? Or is one of these phones still a really good choice at this moment?

  11. All those who are saying LG G6 won are those who can't afford s8 lol

    Design of G6 > S8? Pls. Lol, the only thing G6 is better is the fact that the finger scanner LOCATION is better.

    S8> G6 No doubt.

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