Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 Plus – SECRET CODES

In this video I show some secret codes that allow you to check hardware and software version and some tests to ensure you phone is working correctly. codes below.
This works on both the s8 and s9. Have fun
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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 Plus – SECRET CODES”

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  2. in the manual to my s8 it's written that the phone has a protection against of a factory reset if there was a Google account on the phone. After factory reset the phone will ask to login to the Google account to proceed working

  3. Sorry for being late but in case you didnt know if you went to settings then to about phone then click on build number 7 times you would go to something call developers mode which you can access many things

  4. Hey great video! I love secure folder, just wished it did one thing!!! Run another stock messenger to hide texts from others! I know I can put another messaging app like whatsup in it, but I want to two stock messaging apps! I hope Samsung one day will let us have dual messaging stock apps! can this be done? 🙂

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