Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Cracked Screen Repair (Front Glass Only)

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In this video, we are covering a Samsung Galaxy S8 Cracked Screen Repair. We will be replacing the front glass only since AMOLED is fully working.
We hope you all get some good information from this process and familiarize yourself with how the front glass screens are replaced.
—-This Same Method Can be Applied to Samsung Galaxy S9 & Plus AMOLEDs—-

Remember always mind the flex!

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14 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Cracked Screen Repair (Front Glass Only)”

    So I tried this and I failed because I accidentally cut the ribbon cable down at the bottom, while I was separating LCD from frame. after that while I was trying to seprate the glass from the oled, the screen kept going off the suction, and while I reached the top of the phone there was a crack on the side, so the line went between the polarizer and display and I cut it off so I screwed up on two things. Tempruter was at 80degrees is that good enough?
    Please tell me things I should do next time.
    And should I next time remove little broken glass shards around the the phone? And what kind of liquid do you use for glue removing btw? And could I use LOCA?
    Thank you so much man love this channel.

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