Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Redemption In Glass

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are probably the most important Android smartphones of the year. To Samsung, they’re a chance to regain the public trust; to gadget nerds, they pack more cutting-edge features than any other mobile; and to normals, they’re the phones that are about to be plastered across every billboard and TV screen from here to the holidays. I’m Michael Fisher and I’ve spent a week with the Galaxy S8 and S8+; let’s see if they deserve your dollars in MrMobile’s Galaxy S8…

50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Redemption In Glass”

  1. Getting a case really helps with the fingerprints, Bixby is useless, and i do see some hiccups speedwise, but coming from a buggy garbagefire of a Huawei phone, so all this is really nitpicking.

  2. It was a new important knowledge to concede that galaxy s9 look perfect display and perfect while subscribing to your youtube channel. Great work , you made my day 👌👌

  3. What's the battery life like on the 5.8" Galaxy S8? Considering buying it when it drops in price now that the Galaxy S9 is coming (The S9 looks great but I don't want to spend that much on a phone). Brilliant review though, really helpful.

  4. i got the s8 back in june, and it's pretty good. i almost went with the lg g6, but changed my mind for a few reasons. my (and almost everybody else's) biggest gripes are:

    obviously the bixby button
    obviously the fingerprint scanner
    no dac
    the 18.5:9 aspect ratio
    lack of roblox tiddies
    no. stereo. speakers. still.

    but i still really like:

    the display technology
    the build quality
    runs smoothly even with touchwiz
    won't burn ur dinner every gotdamn night nancy get ur ass over here
    todd no please i want a divorce
    i will murder our children and hide their bodies in the neighbor's attic if u don't shut the fuck up and listen to me when i'm talking to you
    micro sd card support
    i like the lil tactile button thing

    tldr: fuck with me again and i'll bust a nut on ur cat when u least expect it.

  5. The fingerprint scanner's awkward location is solved right after you buy a proper case, better if you buy directly from Samsung, which most people would do anyway.

  6. I bought the s8 plus and the finger placed scanner placemen is pretty good for me. The bixby is good too but Google assistant is unbeatable

  7. Omg I fangirled when I found out you were on YouTube, I missed you so much from pocket now, I thought you quit YouTube omg I love your voice, thank God your here I can't believe I've missed out on your content

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