Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Sony Xperia XZs vs Apple iPhone 7 CAMERA TEST PHOTOS

48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Sony Xperia XZs vs Apple iPhone 7 CAMERA TEST PHOTOS”

  1. i got my new sony xzs the camera is awesome and the slow mo video was beyond compare…dont even compare sony xzs camera to iphone 7plus…sony cam is more dynamic and natural…my iphone 7plus is for gaming only a bit dissapointed no headphone jack really iphone what ashame

  2. Some i prefer iphone, some sony but ths samsung tend to be too warm and while the wide aperture help in lowlight, it make the colour on the highlight washed out in daylight photo

  3. XZs just blows in low light. Look at details like bricks in the wall, it's just fuzz for the XZs. It also manages to be both noisy and blurry from noise reduction, truly bad performance. My Z5c looks to have extremely similar performance to these new sensors in low light.

    What that ultimately means is that indoor shots will be bad on the XZs as well (as they are on my Z5c). Most people don't use their phones for taking pictures of flowers outside in a sunny day like online reviews love to show, they're used to take pictures of friends in bars, restaurant pictures, and other indoor shots.

  4. Phone Battles, Here we notice: Xzs strength is natural colors. S8 and iphone strength is in more details and dynamic range in most shots and low light. In most shots i prefer iphone or s8 results over xzs more natural colors for reasons mentioned. Personally i would live peacefully with less natural colors but in return with more details and better dynamic range and low light in most results.

  5. XZs over S8 and iPhone 7
    -larger sensor
    -higher megapixel count
    -RGBC-IR sensor (always makes more accurate colors)

    S8 and iPhone 7 over XZs
    -larger apertures (f1.7 and f1.8, respectively)
    -larger pixel sizes

    In theory, XZs should be the loser, right?
    Give that multiple frame processing of the S8+, and it must dominate all of these, followed by the iPhone 7, and XZs at last. Right?

    So what's this? No OIS, smaller aperture, and smaller pixel size and still manages to get nearly as good low light images as the two. In daylight, other than slight overexposing, XZs even had the most detail of all.

    Can we just imagine an IMX400 with f1.8, 1.5um pixel size, and OIS – Samsung and Apple will be blown away of the competition, and even that so-called "best camera phone" the Pixel will, too, be destroyed easily

    But I want to see a Nokia 808 or Lumia 1020 camera hardware in this

  6. XZs isn't Sony's top end flagship yet

    I remember the Xperia X and X Performance having the same camera, yet results show some incredibly better results on XP than X. This shouldn't be any different of XZs vs XZ Premium too

  7. Alright.. iPhone was nice. no doubt very balanced..

    the Sony, looks like the software is blowing out highlights in exposed shots.. the larger pixels seems to be allowing much more light in and Sony isn't reigning it back for daylight. however, it still looks very well balance and everything is bright and soft to the eyes..

    the S8 however, looks like a smudge.. really, it doesn't look like it's sharp or defined at all to me. and that's even saying when I try to not think it's a Galaxy phone

  8. The noise on the Sony xzs at night is kept under control while you see noise in iPhone and galaxy the last photo is difficult to read the signs written on the shop and the street light. In day shots sony is king natural colour.

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