Samsung Galaxy S8 – Five Pros & Cons!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 might be the best phone ever made, but every piece of tech has its down and upsides. In this video we’re taking a look at five of each for the all new Samsung Galaxy S8.
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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 – Five Pros & Cons!”

  1. In terms of the display I compared it with the Xperia XZs to be honest the colors of the Sony triluminous display looked much better the reds where damn red the blues where awesome even the greens only flaw was the blacks it wasn't as deep as the s8 but overall even being a 1080p panel the display on the xzs looked better if Sony makes an Xperia with an oled display and the triluminous tech built in to it would simply be the best display out there

  2. FUN FACT: 89% of people that say they are watching a s8 video are just saying that to act cool (proof one person said that and i went on there channel it said This Was made with Samsung s4

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