Samsung Galaxy S8 – 30 THINGS You Didn't Know!

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus – 30 Things You NEED to Know BEFORE Buying!

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 – 30 THINGS You Didn't Know!”

  1. your video OSM
    you what I planned to take samsung s8 on coming months that's not a problem. I read alot forums that past users of s8 tells a lot of complaints about the s8 like random restart and red tint in display. do you experienced any of those issues what I mentioned above.
    dude I need you help and any of your friends just dealing problems like this with s8. please let me know…
    thanks dude to take a look at my comment.

  2. Before..? I'm watching this on my S8+ It's not as big as people make it look like. The fingerprint reader on the back isn't as bad as people make it look like. It's amazing.

  3. Received mine on 4/19. I can give you some quick thoughts if anyone is interested. I feel like phones are just incremental upgrades and having taken my case off the 7 edge and sending it back to Tmobile.. I was reminded what an elegant phone it was.. This however, is a real upgrade in every way. I love the speed. Everything is muck zippier as you might hope for or expect. The camera software upgrade is real.. It's very fast and awesome to use. With some minor adjustments I made some of my favorite game apps fit to the new aspect ratio.. WGT Golf is a stunner in details now. I'm not sure what the big deal with the finger scanner is on the back when I just use the instant face recognition or pattern to unlock my phone which works flawlessly. While the 8plus is taller than 7 Edge, it really does feel the same in my hand and pocket. In just a few hours I could tell that the power consumption was less for graphics intensive apps even with a brighter screen and turning on the full wqhd . If you are big Samsung lover.. you will want this phone.. As I have told others, it feels like an angel dropped liquid glass on my coffee table with the power to do anything digital. Get it if you want it!

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