Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Is Still AWESOME In 2019!

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38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Is Still AWESOME In 2019!”

  1. Awesome phone the s7 edge unfortunately let down by Samsung's lack of software support 2 years of updates is not enough. Screen burn is also a common problem I see your device has it simple alpaca.

  2. Have been using s7 edge since 2016 except for few occasional stutters and lags i face no issues. Apps do load slower but i dont feel it everyday as i dont care about it. I cant play games like pubg because gpu is not powerful enough to run it. Am keeping it as my main content consumption device i use youtube vanced, tea tv, titanium tv so i never have to spend money on paid content. Batteru has degraded a lot 71(2541 of 3600mah) percent as of now. But i still get outstanding standby time but sot of only 4 hrs.Going to replace battery this month cause i dont want to buy any phone in this year. Am gonna wait for 2020 cause a new generation is coming with sd865 and apple is gonna tweak their iphone 11 fully with iphone 11s my advice always when you buy iphone always go for s model. So i will have good options. So far so good with my s7 edge except for not able to play pubg disappointment. Love my s7 edge

  3. Up until recently my worker had a s7 but he had to get rid of it as it kept freezing on him and now he has a Nokia phone which is far better for him I have and am watching this on my s9 phone I also have a j6a phone as well

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  5. I think this phone and the newer ones will never be slow yes at some point it's not going to be able to game but I say that it will always be fast enough for YouTube and it's own interface

  6. I was considering this phone, to me this the ultimate Galaxy S, still loved by millions, only the S10 is comparable, but it's software is getting old without official support by Samsung. So I got the Google Pixel XL, and you should too. It's not that shiny and it has a few compromises like wireless charging or IP68. But if you want a smooth, reliable and a still fast and up to date Android experience with great camera performance, go for it.

  7. I had an s7e Verizon. The Samsung software is shit, made the phone slow, run hot, freeze, horribly slow in Google maps, laggy as shit, freeze, want to commit suicide (not joking it was a pos I almost threw it away) my friend helped me ROM it and it went sicko mode, never not performed like a beast in the 9 months I had it after romming it. Made it so damn fast, I have the s10 now. Still an amazing phone today, loved my silver s7e.

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