Samsung Galaxy S6 Root & Install Android 9.0 Pie

ALL CREDITS TO :lukasb06, Over at xda for bringing us this amazing 9.0 rom visit his xda thread for the download links ,also show him some love by liking his thread

Download the android 9.0 rom here

Or Direct Download 9.0 Rom Here If above link no longer…

42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Root & Install Android 9.0 Pie”

  1. hi there…i tried installing custom ROM and it worked but i coudn't hear others voice and it goes dumb for while and reconnects when sum1 calls me or if i call…note that there is no mic or speaker pblm in my phone, please do suggest me.

  2. when I hold volume up, home and power it just brings me to a screen saying, installing system update. then it says no command. then my s6 just reboots. into 7.0 nougat. help me.

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