Samsung Galaxy S10e Hands-on Review: E for Exciting?

Samsung Galaxy S10e Hands-on Review

Samsung Galaxy S10 series prices in the Philippines:
– S10e (128GB) : PHP 39,990
– S10 (128GB) : PHP 49,990
– S10 Plus (128GB) : PHP 55,990
– S10 Plus (1TB): PHP 89,990

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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10e Hands-on Review: E for Exciting?”

  1. I really like this phone. But my main concern is the Exynos. What's the experience so far with the processor? Heard phones heat up quite fast and has terrible life span.

  2. One thing people never mention when comparing the S10e to the iPhone XR is the WEIGHT. The Samsung is significantly lighter at 150 g. By contrast, the iPhone feels like a brick coming in at 194 g. This is a deal breaker for me. The S10e is a perfect fit and feel.

  3. I liked this video until you said the s10 and s10+ are MUCH better. I don't think they are that much better. The 256 GB version of the s10e has 8 gb of ram and the same chip as the other 2 devices. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is NOT better than the capacitive one, but maybe cooler. The only thing better on the larger devices is the screens. Some may argue about the size of the battery but the batteries aren't that much bigger while the screens are.
    I just sold my Pixel 3 and getting the s10e. You can't even compare the two. The only thing the Pixel has going for it is the camera. That's it.

  4. All three are homeruns. That display, they are the best. Cameras, the headphone jack, ip68, every premium features. These are all blazing fast, the lag days are over. Yes pricey but I think you get what you pay for!

  5. 'S10 and S10+ are much better phones than the S10e, that is a fact.' – one of those opinion facts I see. I disagree. I prefer the non-curved screen, physical fingerprint scanner and smaller size of the s10e way more.

  6. I am getting one of these delivered today so this is interesting and to a point quite useful. Sadly this review takes too long to get to the real point. I am not a real techie so much of the 1st 3 minutes was totally useless to me and then some of the features which are important to me are too quickly glossed over. The USB – C feature is great for me because that is what I have on my current LG phone. The important that was seriously skated over was the expandable memory feature. Most of us who watch these videos want some really basic information without the 'jargon'. I am not watching this video to be impressed by the presenter. I want good useable information about the phone. Think about it next time.

  7. The review on the camera does not make sense in the final summing up. You say the camera is great and you don't see the need for the pro mode. And then at the end, you are asking them to improve it. what is it you want them to improve as you are just basically pointing and shooting

  8. You know what, im expecting you will going to say what processor this phone in the philippines but instead you just said depend on the region of it. so i cant decide if im going to buy it or notπŸ˜‘… So annoying bro….
    I like the reviews… Subscribe ko na pati bell icon…

  9. "They have better design"… that's 100% subjective, not fact. A lot of people prefer a flat display over the curved infinity display. I'm one of them, so to us, this is a better design.

  10. I just got my Samsung S10e last Friday when it went on sale worldwide. The queues inside the Samsung stores are mind-blowing. Just like how I am mind-blown by owning an S10e. It's the best phone I have ever owned. The price is an understatement for its features. I could have paid a bit more just to own this just because the specs are too impressive. Samsung is on fire! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  11. "Better design and features". Is that all you got??

    Thats Bullshit. Specs are the same with some gimmicks thrown is. I MUCH prefer a flat screen. And to think you repeated twice that the E is an inferior phone. Yeah for YOU!

  12. I think this will be my next phone. I need a good processor, decent resolution, fingerprint scanner, 128g memory, and headphone jack. This phone has everything. The only problem is that the battery might be shitty… Although XR has a smaller battery, it seems to have better battery management. Hope samsung can have better software update (such as disabling bixby…)

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