Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ Review

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The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are Samsung’s best phones yet. They…

20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ Review”

  1. 10:46 I think the only reason the phones didn't perform better than the the s9 and 9 plus is because you revealed that your phones are international models and the Exonus 9820 is an 8 nanometer compared to the 7 nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

  2. C'mon dude!!…are you kidding me!!….i can't believe you just said the battery life of Samsung Galaxy s9 plus is better than the one of Samsung Galaxy s10 plus. I used s9 plus before upgrading to s10plus and the s9 plus couldn't last me more than 4 to 5hrs screen on time unlike my s10plus that could last me at least 7hrs screen on time.

  3. Your accent is actually beautiful and the people making rude comments are incredibly pathetic. What sad, sheltered lives they must have =. Thank you for the reviews.

  4. Verizon currently has a buy one get one free offer on the S10e (pay the difference on the other two models). Consumer Cellular has a buy one for half price offer but you have to have their premium plan & pay $10 extra per month for insurance. Probably others have similar offers. Great buy for half price!

  5. Is it only me who struggles to put sim cards in phones.. My pin broke the last time because I put in wrong it kept falling out.. Am buying a new phone next month either s10 or mate 20 x so I Need to learn..

  6. Sorry I have to return the phone. It is a fast phone with great features but fingerprint scanner, as of now, is too inconsistent that got to a point I feel annoyed by it. It takes a little bit and a few too many try for it respond. It is actually faster to swipe up and put in your pin. And the thing that really push me to returning is WIFI issues. It connects, but far too many time it gets hung up or disconnect WIFI. I have to return it and bought a used s9 plus again after trading in my s9 plus. Sorry I will wait till a better updates down the road or wait till it becomes more stable and faster with the s11. First generation of new technology is always horrible.

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