Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Camera Comparison With The Galaxy S10 Plus

The S10 5G is one of the most powerful devices out there. It has 6 cameras and the hardware to match.
The smaller S10+ has only 5 cameras and the same hardware. How does that extra camera make the
devices compare? Watch the video to find out!

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17 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Camera Comparison With The Galaxy S10 Plus”

  1. This would be so much easier if you just use a screen recorder on the phone. Pinch to zoom on where you want to show. No annoying clicking and patchy loading. Even records audio from the microphone.

  2. This time the video was good compared to his other videos, but he was taking much time to explain one photo and he should explain other modes of camera as well like night modes and raw in different scenarios.

  3. Shoot in Pro and compare the different settings between JPG and RAW.
    The manipulation of the trees and shrubs in the first set of photos might improve.


    Edit: Bro you are shit. You didn't even showcase the ToF sensors on the rear camera for Portrait photos for both the phones. Now we wont know if ToF sensors gives better background blur real time so that we can compare -.- you focus on the shit front facing live focus which nobody gives a shit.

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