Samsung Galaxy Note9: All the power you need

38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note9: All the power you need”

  1. Ummmm? So what? My phone has 4100 mAh and the note 9 is only 4000 and my phone has 2 day battery life
    Also more powerful than u 'need' so it's not the right power
    (Non-Apple user)

  2. As a Chinese, this is how I watched South Korea buy the rights to the final. There is no shame in a south Korean player who loses a match,but a country that cannot afford to lose is ashamed

  3. Me: Goes to the store

    Me: Hi I need a phon with a lot of space

    Employee: the Samsung note9 has 1 terabyte

    Me: ok wait a sec

    Me: Goes home

    Me: son I need to sell you

    Son: why I love you

    Me: I need the Samsung note9

    Son:make sense

  4. Ha ha. We get ripped off by Samsung and Apple. We spend money with them.and we fight over a phone when in fact who gives a fuck. Does it take pics and make calls. Fuck it. The rest does not matter. Protect the brands with the same offers and cheap prices

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