Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8: Should you Upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8, in todays video I will help you answer the question, should I upgrade to the Note 9 if I have a Note 8? I give you 11 reasons why I think you should upgrade as I will be! Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 worth upgrading to? Will you be upgrading to the Note 9 from your Note 8 or S9 Plus?

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29 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8: Should you Upgrade?”

  1. Dual Aperture Camera, Superb Screen, Great Speakers, Headphone Jack, SD Card, Big Battery, 128/6GB & 512/8GB storage options, Dex PC connection, Waterproofing, Bluetooth 5, Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging… ticks so many boxes, great job Samsung.

    That S Pen functionality though…
    Bluetooth enabled, super quick charging and the ability to map different functions per app onto it… that really sets this phone apart. Nice one.

    Note 9 over Note 8… For me its the Updated S Pen functionality, Dual Aperture Camera, Stereo Speakers, Bigger Battery, 128/6GB & 512/8GB storage options, Better Fingerprint Scanner positioning.

  2. From s8+ i go for note 8 and after that i go for s9+ and i miss that difference from 6.3 to 6.2 if note 9 will have the s9+ speekers and a bigger battery i will upgrade to note 9

  3. I hate watching Zilla videos sometimes. I was totally convinced NOT to buy the Note 9. I have the Galaxy S9+ and am extremely happy with it, but then I watch this and will probably pre-order today!!!

  4. Excellent video. Have missed your contributions! I will be upgrading to Note9, for all the reasons you mentioned, for me the biggest thing is the sPen. The storage for me is ok at 128gb as I have a 400gb SanDisk Micro SD card already and I'll never use a TB of storage until the next upgrade after Note10 at least. The Note8 is a fantastic device none the less and I fully understand why some people are happy to keep it for another year. On battery life the Note8 has been fine for me. The way I look at it is if at the end of the day I have 20% on the Note8 or 50% on the Note9, I'll still be charging it before going to bed either way. I hope everyone enjoys the launch tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Spen.

  5. Just one good reason for keeping the Note8 🙂
    Waiting for the Note10/NoteX.
    I really think the Note10/X will crush all the previous Notes 😀

  6. If I pull the trigger for the Note 9 it'll be the first Note I've ever owned and used.
    I'm ready for a change from my s8 so as always I'll be awaiting your review on the Note 9 when you have hands on as your reviews always play a crucial part in my purchases.

  7. Why no 512gb 8 GB ram version for Europe also they never give us the dual sim version appreciate the bigger battery but still not quite there yet Samsung.

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