Samsung Galaxy Note 9 OFFICIAL & First Hands On LEAK!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 First Hands On Reveal. Worth it over the Note 8? Official Unpacked 2018 Event on August 9 in NewYork City.



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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 OFFICIAL & First Hands On LEAK!”

  1. You guys are totally bonkers and when at 10 comes out you're going to find a reason that you going to wait for the 11 I guess you want to get a new phone it is able to bend time and space and your crank

  2. Most likely i will be buying one. I love my Note 8 but i hear Samsung is going to discontinue the Note series. They will be coming out with a Galaxy S series with a pen.

  3. I don't like the curved screen. I have the Note 8 and I feel that the curved edge is just a waste of screen space because I can't write on that part of the screen…. the pen just slips off the edge of the screen. And the pen is the reason I've always loved the Note series, ever since I got the Note 2. So it just doesn't make sense to me that they make a screen that doesn't suit writing with the pen – am I the only person bothered by this??? I never see any other criticism about it from anyone.

  4. Thank for your info. However, I believe you'll repeat all these things again in future video of Note 9. Even though there is required length for monetization of a video, I think you should go straight to the point and keep the video as short as possible since more than half of your contents are repetition and/or you mumble about unnecessary stuff

  5. I want a Note 10 with 5G and a screen-to-body ratio of greater than 87%. It would have a super useful S-pen, no bixby button, and no bloatware. That would be the best phone of all time.

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