Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Long Term Review!

A detailed long term review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is still a beast flagship from 2018!

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33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Long Term Review!”

  1. The cutout was a huge mistake. Should have just stuck with the small bezels.. So much better. They should also go with a flat screen variant, especially for the Note line.

  2. I love not 9to the core, best part is the battery life, screen and camera, and after the night mode plus more live focus features of s10+ make it more amazing. And I have dropped my phone at least more than 10 times in past ten months. Dolby atmos music works beautifully.Note taking and drawing of course are the best part of note devices. I am glad I bought this becos I am dreading no 3.5mm jack in note 10.

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