Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – FINAL SECRETS!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will launch in just a couple of days and today we have some more juicy information regarding the device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks say the device will have a 4000mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumors also say the S Pen will have Bluetooth built in.

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47 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – FINAL SECRETS!”

  1. I'm a huge fan of the note series which is why I'm probably getting this, but I've been seeing people waiting for the s10 and I'm beginning to think. If I get a phone I'll get it and keep it for a long long time , probably 3 or 4 years , so is it worth going for the note 9? I'm also a really impatient guy so waiting for another God knows how long will be torture. So do I wait for s10 or go for note 9?

  2. i work in wireless i played with the note 9 a month ago. It is a HUGE disappointment guys dont get too worked up. I love samsung because they bring the phones in for us to test sometimes 2 months before its announced as long as we dont take pics of it. Its an s9 plus with a stylus. Even the samsung rep couldnt really tell me whats so different. Ill stick with my note 8 best phone ive ever had. However the watch and new tablet is SICK (oh yeah but internal storage on note 9 is offered in 128 or 512gb i do remember him telling me that which is ok i guess)

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