Samsung Galaxy Note 9 6GB RAM Benchmark Test & Comparison – YouTube Tech Guy

We put the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through the Benchmark Test vs the Galaxy Note 8 & Galaxy S9

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22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 6GB RAM Benchmark Test & Comparison – YouTube Tech Guy”

  1. Note 8 has screen burn just like mine. Same location. Guessing this will be an issue with the note 9? Really a shame. Personally I'd rally have an IPS panel if this is going to keep happening with AMOLED

  2. I love the note series and from my 4 notes (32gb + 64gb) I decided to go to note 9 but I do not know which version to choose.
    I wanted to ask you what the difference is beyond the storage (if any) between the 6Gb-128Gb and 8Gb-512Gb (performance, battery, usability, etc.) and why choose one version over the other.
    Thanks so much

  3. Seriously, WTF is bogging down the Note 8? My SD 835 Note 8 has an average Geek Bench of 2430/8435 which is almost identical to your Note 9. How much crap is running on these devices just so it is easier for a point to be proven?

  4. By specs & benchmarks alone is not enough for me to upgrade from note 8 to 9. Other factors are guiding my decision like condition of current phone adding a line of service carrier upgrade eligibility

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