Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Zerolemon 10,000mAh Extended Battery Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – 10,000mAh Extended Battery Case
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– 10,000mAh
– 5,500mAh
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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Zerolemon 10,000mAh Extended Battery Case”

  1. I work on construction so this cases are garbage for me .. I have a note 8 with a unicorn beetle case works perfect for falls I use to have this case for the galaxys6 edge plus and it mess up those 2 phones ..

  2. I bought this zero lemon for my note 4 am watching from now i got the juice for a whole day and a half heavy usage im thinking next, this note 8 in the next purchase these removable batteries are awesome

  3. Love the video reviews! I bought the 10000mah battery for my old galaxy note 4 and I loved it. I have the note 8 now and definitely need a battery upgrade. Thanks for the review!

  4. I got the 5500mAh battery and got the 10000mAh for my girl. One year later, they're still working pretty good. Mine doesnt give the full charge that it used to, but definitely a good boost when my battery is low. I've also dropped my phone a number of times and it actually protected my phone (the back and edges). My girl loves hers. Her phone never dies.

    Not bad after one year. Definitely worth the purchase.

  5. Great review. Thanks. I typed in 10000 mah for the Note 8, and your video came up. Now, I don’t have to sell my Note 8 because I like it, but the battery life SUCKS! Seriously. Now, I can keep it on my those long vacations, Thanks to this vid. β€œKeep doing what you do.”

  6. No joke. I'm on my second note 8. I'm getting frustrated with cases. The first one was with a belt holster that I got from verizon and it fell 3.5 feet screen first with the bottom case and a screen protector and the whole damn screen shattered. Second one. I used same holster thinking it was fluke and again I dropped my phone from the bed and it broke. What protector do I use?? I dont remember the screens being this flimsy! They should rename them eggshell glass

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